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  • 3M 520-03-73 Charger

    Item# 6952-CH

    Smart Charger is used 3M HEPA Airstream to charge the 520-01-02R01 (Anybattery 6952) Battery & on the BP17-IS (Anybattery 6952-1) Battery for the BreatheEasy system.  The smart charger will fully charge single batteries in 6 hours.

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  • 3M 520-03-72 Charger

    Item# 6952-CH1

    This battery charger can fully charge up to 5 discharged batteries in approximately 8 hours. LEDs indicate status of each battery. It allows the battery to be charged outside of the PAPR Unit. 

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  • 3M Powerflow Battery BP-17iS

    Item# 6952-R1

    Voltage: v Composition: NCDDimensions: 3.08" x 1.67" x 7.01" Terminal: 3-Posn Contacts **Send In For Refurbishment** All refurbishments require the customer to first send in their original battery to us. Refurbishments...

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