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  • APC RBC133 Battery


    Voltage: 48v Composition: SLADimensions: 8.5" x 13.5" x 3.2" Terminal: Connector

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  • 5562

    Voltage: 12v, 5ah Composition: SLA Dimensions: 5.52" X 1.89" X 4.02" Terminal: Recessed Tabs

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  • 7793

    Voltage: 12v (x4) **Sold As A 4-Battery Set) Composition: SLADimensions: 5.95" x 2.56" x 3.72" (x4)Terminal: 0.25" Faston (F2, T2) Recommended Stock Level: 1~3 months

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  • 7793-C

    Complete External Battery Module Composition: SLADimensions: 15" x 4.4" x 11.8"Terminal: Plug Recommended Stock Level: 1~3 months

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  • 7869

    Voltage: 12v, 9ahComposition: SLADimensions: 5.95" x 2.56" x 3.7" Terminal: 0.25" Male Faston (F2, T2)

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  • APC RBC4 Battery


    Voltage: 12v, 12ahComposition: SLADimensions: 5.95" x 3.94" x 3.7Terminal: F2/ .250" FASTON Recommended Stock Level: 3 months

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  • APCRBC109, RBC5, BR1500LCD, BX900R, SU700, SU700BX120, SU700iX38, SU700NET


    Voltage: 24v, 7.5ah Composition: SLA Dimensions: 5.95" x 5.10" x 3.7"Terminal: F2/ .250" FASTONNotes: Includes: All required connectors

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  • 7873

    Voltage: 24v, 12ah Composition: SLA Dimensions: 5.90" x 7.70" x 3.70"Terminal: F2/ .250" FASTONNotes: Includes: All required connectors

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  • APC RBC7 Battery, AP1250, AP1250RM, BK1250, BP1400, BP1400I, BP1400X116, DLA1500, DLA1500I, DLA1500RMT5SU, FJT1500I, IBM1500, IBM1500I, RBC49, RBC50, SMT1500, SMT1500I, SMT1500X413, SU700XL, SU700XLINET, SU700XLNET, SU1000XL, SU1000XLI, SU1000XLINET, SU1000XLNET, SU1250, SU1250RM, SU1400BX120, SU1400INET, SU1400NET, SU1400VS, SU1400X106, SU1400X145, SU1400X93, SUA750XL, SUA750XLI, SUA750XLW, SUA1000XL, SUA1000XLI, SUA1500, SUA1500I, SUA1500US, SUA1500X413, SUA1500X448, SUA1500X93, SUVS1400ISUVS1400, SUA1500XLJ


    Voltage: 24v, 18ahComposition: SLADimensions: 7.09" x 5.98" x 6.57"Terminal: 2-Posn Connector Recommended Stock Level: 3 months

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  • APC RBC11 Battery, SU1400RMXLTNET, SU1400XLTNET, SU2200, SU2200NET, SU2200RM, SU2200RMNET, SU2200RMXLTNET, SU2200XL, SU2200XLNET, SU2200XLTNET, SU3000, SU3000NET, SU3000RM, SU3000RMNET, SU3000TNET


    Voltage: 24v, 18ah (x2) **Sold as a 2-Battery SetComposition: SLADimensions: 7.09" x 5.98" x 6.57" (x2)Terminal: 2-Posn Connector

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  • 7878-i

    Voltage: 24v (x2)Composition: SLADimensions: 7.09" x 5.98" x 6.57" (x2) Terminal: Flag/Bolt **Transfer original connectors**

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  • APC APCRBC110, BE550G, BE550G-CN, BE550G-LM, BE550R, BE550R-CN, BE650BB, BE650BB-CN, BE650G, BE650G1, BE650R, BE650R-CN, BE650Y-IN, BE700-AZ, BE700-CP, BE700-FR, BE700-GR, BE700-IT, BE700-KR, BE700-RS, BE700-SP, BE700-UK, BE725BB, BE750G, BE750G-CN, BK650-AS, BK650EI, BN600, BN600G, BP700UC, BR650CI, BR650CI-AS, BR650CI-RS, BR700G, DL650T, DL725VT, LS700, RBC17, Eaton 5SC500


    Voltage: 12v, 8ah Composition: SLADimensions: 5.95" x 2.55" x 3.78" Terminal: 0.25" Faston (F2, T2)

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