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  • Panasonic Lumix Digital Cameras: DMC-LC1, DMCLC1, LC1, DMC-LC5, DMCLC5, LC5, DMC-LC5D, DMCLC5D, LC5D, DMC-LC5B, DMCLC5B, LC5B, DMC-LC5K, DMCLC5K, LC5K, DMC-LC5S, DMCLC5S, LC5S, DMC-LC40, DMCLC40, LC40, DMC-LC40K, DMCLC40K, LC40K, DMC-LC40S, DMCLC40S, LC40S | OEM battery part numbers: Leica BP-DC1, BPDC1, Mr.Battery 120-PS001-10-0, Hama 47222, Battery-Biz B-9591, BatteryValues B-9591, DSMiller B-9591, Hi-Capacity B-9591, Maxell B-9591, US Power BCD1077, Panasonic DMW-BL14, DMW-BL14E, DMW-BL14PP, Panasonic CGR-S602A, CGA-S602, CGA-S602A, Panasonic CGR-S602E, Panasonic CGR-S602A/1B, Panasonic CGR-S602SE, Panasonic CGR-S602SE/1B, Maxell DC7460, Panasonic DC7460, Lenmar DLP602, Panasonic DMW-BL14, DMWBL14, Duracell DRP602, Duracell DRP602RES, Energizer ER-D750, Hahnel HL-1500, Hahnel HL-602, Hahnel HL-LC1, Varta P43, Rayovac RV-DC6602, GP VPL004


    Voltage: 7.2v Composition: LiODimensions: 2.2" x 1.5" x 0.9"Terminal: 4-Posn Connector **Send In For Refurbishment** All refurbishments require the customer to first send in their original battery to us. Refurbishments will be...

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  • Li-50B Battery


    Voltage: 3.7v Composition: LiODimensions: 1.56" x 1.5" x 0.26"Terminal: 3-Posn Contacts

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  • Battery Replacement for: General Electric CG706, General Electric CG708, General Electric CG732, General Electric CG733, General Electric CG735, Hitachi VM1300, Hitachi VM1350, Hitachi VM1350A, Hitachi VM1400A, Hitachi VM1600A, Hitachi VM1700A, Hitachi VM1800A, Hitachi VM1900A, Hitachi VM2140, Hitachi VM2300, Hitachi VM2300A, Hitachi VM2300E, Hitachi VM2400A, Hitachi VM2410CL, Hitachi VM2500A, Hitachi VM2580A, Hitachi VM2580E, Hitachi VM2600A, Hitachi VM2700A, Hitachi VM2800A, Hitachi VM2900A, Hitachi VM3300A, Hitachi VM3350, Hitachi VM3350A, Hitachi VM3700, Hitachi VM3700A, Hitachi VM3800A, Hitachi VM4400A, Hitachi VM4400E, Hitachi VM5300A, Hitachi VM5350A, Hitachi VM5400A, Hitachi VM5400C, Hitachi VM5400U, Hitachi VM6300A, Hitachi VM6500A, Hitachi VM7300, Hitachi VM7300A, Hitachi VM7400A, Hitachi VM7400LA, Hitachi VM7500A, Hitachi VM7500LA, Hitachi VM8200A, Hitachi VM8300A, Hitachi VM8400LA, Hitachi VM8500LA, Hitachi VMBP64, Hitachi VMBP64AS, Hitachi VMBP65, Hitachi VMBP66, Hitachi VMBP67, Hitachi VMBP67A, Hitachi VMBP6M, Hitachi VMS8200A, JC Penney 890-2561, JC Penney 890-2595, JC Penney 8902561, JC Penney 8902595, Memorex MODEL 103, Memorex T16-BP64, Memorex T16BP64, Minolta V-118, Minolta V-16, Minolta V-16R, Minolta V-18, Minolta V-18R, Minolta V-20, Minolta V-20R, Minolta V-228, Minolta V118, Minolta V16, Minolta V16R, Minolta V18, Minolta V18R, Minolta V20, Minolta V20R, Minolta V218, Minolta V228, Minolta VBC-166, Minolta VBC166, Minolta VBP-160, Minolta VBP-161, Minolta VBP-165, Minolta VBP-166, Minolta VBP160, Minolta VBP161, Minolta VBP165, Minolta VBP166, ProScan PSC10, Radio Shack 16804, Radio Shack 16830, Radio Shack 16BP65, Radio Shack MODEL 102, Radio Shack MODEL 103, Radio Shack MODEL 126, Radio Shack T16BP64, Radio Shack VMBP66RS, RCA CB-096FL, RCA CB-096FS, RCA CB096 LONG, RCA CB096FL, RCA CB096FS, RCA CC-400, RCA CC-405, RCA CC-406, RCA CC-407, RCA CC-412, RCA CC-413, RCA CC-414, RCA CC-415, RCA CC-416, RCA CC-417, RCA CC-420, RCA CC-421, RCA CC-422, RCA CC-423, RCA CC-424, RCA CC-4251, RCA CC-4271, RCA CC-428, RCA CC-431, RCA CC-432, RCA CC-433, RCA CC-434, RCA CC-4352, RCA CC-436, RCA CC-437, RCA CC-4371, RCA CC-439, RCA CC-4391, RCA CC-4392, RCA CC-4393, RCA CC-445, RCA CC-507, RCA CC-509, RCA CC-510, RCA CC-512, RCA CC-517, RCA CC-520, RCA CC-525, RCA CC-540, RCA CC-542, RCA CC-543, RCA CC-547, RCA CC-548, RCA CC-560, RCA CC-850, RCA CC400, RCA CC405, RCA CC406, RCA CC407, RCA CC412, RCA CC413, RCA CC414, RCA CC415, RCA CC416, RCA CC417, RCA CC420, RCA CC421, RCA CC422, RCA CC423, RCA CC424, RCA CC4251, RCA CC4252, RCA CC4271, RCA CC428, RCA CC431, RCA CC432, RCA CC433, RCA CC434, RCA CC4352, RCA CC436, RCA CC4362, RCA CC437, RCA CC4371, RCA CC439, RCA CC4391, RCA CC4392, RCA CC4393, RCA CC445, RCA CC507, RCA CC509, RCA CC510, RCA CC512, RCA CC517, RCA CC520, RCA CC525, RCA CC540, RCA CC542, RCA CC543, RCA CC547, RCA CC548, RCA CC560, RCA CC850, RCA EP-096FL, RCA EP-096FS, RCA EP096FL, RCA EP096FS, Realistic 16-804, Realistic 16-830, Realistic 16-BP65, Realistic 16804, Realistic 16830, Realistic 16BP65, Realistic MODEL 102, Realistic MODEL 103, Realistic MODEL 126, Realistic T16-BP64, Realistic T16BP64, Realistic VM-BP66RS, Realistic VMBP66RS, Sears 53733, Sears 53734, Sears 53735, Sears 53746, Sears 53762, Sears 53763, Sears 53764, Sears 53781, Sears 53782, Sears 53783, Sears 53792, Sears 53793, Sears 53795, Sears 53796, Sears 53801, Sears 53834, Sears 53982, Sears 53983, Sears 5524, Sears 5526, Sears 58537, Sears 58538, Sears 934


    Voltage: 10v Composition: SLADimensions: 4.68" x 2.8" x 1.35"Terminal: Pressure Contacts

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  • Battery Replacement for models: 53745, 53882, 16-802, 16-825, 16bp63, 23-186, 243696t, 243949a, 534014e, 53981, av096, B-9503, bp96fL, bp96fs, CAM-622, CAM-622-2, cc260, cc280, cc285, cc286, cc305, cc310, cc311, cc320, cc360, ccr265, ccr300, ccr305, CR-80af, CR-81af, CVR-315av, cvr315av01, CVS-325av01, GSLT-1, GVCA-425, GVCC-425, proedit, PVBT71, PVBT72, pvc77a, pvc78a, sbv1552h, ULRC9615, V-10, V-11, V80146BK01, V80149BK01, VAC795, VBP100, VBP101, VM-2250a, VM-2270a, VM-2380, VM-2400e, VM-2770a, VM-3200a, VM-3250a, VM-3260, VM-3260a, VM-3270a, VM-5200a, VM-5300, VM-5400a, VM-5720e, VM-63a, vm7060, vm7065, vm7076, VM-7200, VM-7200a, VMBP61, VMBP63, VMBP6M, VMS-7200e, VMS-7280, VTLC-50


    Voltage: 9.6v Composition: NCDDimensions: 4.38" x 2.63" x 2"Terminal: Pressure Contacts Recommended Stock Level: 6~12 months **Send In For Refurbishment** All refurbishments require the customer to first send in their...

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  • 2995-R

    Voltage: 6v Composition: NCDDimensions:  2.5" x 4.7" x 1.1"Terminal: 3-Posn Contacts Recommended Stock Level: 6~12 months **Send In For Refurbishment** All refurbishments require the customer to first send in their...

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  • 6973-3

    Voltage: 7.4v, 4.4ahComposition: LiODimensions: 2.78" x 1.5" x 1.52"Terminal: Pressure Contacts Recommended Stock Level: 6~12 months

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  • Canon NB-1LH, Battery-Biz B-9568, Duracell DR9568, Dantona CAM-NB1L, Dantona CAM-NB1LH, Empire BLI-198


    Voltage: 3.7v Composition: LiODimensions: 1.9" x 1.2" x 0.4" Terminal: 3-Posn Contacts

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  • 8250

    Voltage: 7.2v Composition: LiODimensions: 2.78" x 1.52" x 0.81"Terminal: 2-Posn Contacts Recommended Stock Level: 6~12 months

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  • 8883-R

    Voltage: 7.2v Composition: NMHDimensions: 2.4" x 4.8" x 1.5" Terminal: Pressure Contacts Recommended Stock Level: 3~6 months **Send In For Refurbishment** All refurbishments require the customer to first send in...

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